Working with Systems – Constellations Workshop and Training

Obenaus Community
Ewitsch 2, 8461 Ehrenhausen
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Open workshops every month.

June workshop:
1-2 June 2018, Saturday and Sunday 09:30-17:30.

July workshop:
11-11 July 2018
, Tuesday and Wednesday 09:30-17:30

August has a long workshop: 4-7 August 2018 combined with a systemic facilitation training.

Welcome to our open systemic constellation workshops in South Styria. Lena Jacobsson and Rainer von Leoprechting are hosts and facilitators in constellation community style and spirit. We deal here with the most diverse participants and topics. We are ready to see different systems in their combinations.

You can come to deepen your hosting in a constellation circle or bring your own complex issues to meet their solutions. The theme of your personal constellation can be topics from the very intimate to the very large systems.

You can take part in this workshop in the most flexible ways.
A half day participation contribution is 25,00 €,
a full day 45,00 €,
two days 80,00 €
four days 150,00 €.
Please count with another 30,00 € for being in the focus of a constellation, and your own issue will be dealt with.

Morning session: 09:30 to 12:45 (ca.)
Afternoon session: 14:30 to 17:30 (ca.)
Snacks included. We take lunch together in Obenaus. You are welcome to bring something along for it, like a dessert, wine, or pre-prepared meal.

If for a payment you would like to do give something else instead of Euro, just tell us your proposal, we are open.

We offer our Constellations once a month.
Give us a call or write us to reserve your place or to agree a private session. or phone: +43 680 3060900 (Lena Jacobsson)

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